Find plan benefit information & resources. Engage in wellness activities. Learn new ways to enhance your health and well-being!
How to explore the site: You can either play BINGO and follow the steps below, OR you can simply browse the site, without playing BINGO, by clicking on the WELLNESS STATIONS button to begin.
STEP 1: Select your medical plan B-I-N-G-O card.
STEP 2: Visit the Wellness Stations. Click the BLUE highlighted text on the pages to navigate and get more information about a topic.
STEP 3: Use your B-I-N-G-O card to mark activities completed.
STEP 4: After your visit, complete the Exit Survey to be automatically entered in the prize drawing.
Door Prize Drawings
  • Get at least one horizontal, diagonal, or vertical B-I-N-G-O to be entered in the prize drawing!
  • Complete the Exit Survey before leaving the Wellness Fair to report the number of B-I-N-G-Os on your card.
  • B-I-N-G-O cards are not collected.
  • When you complete the Exit Survey, you are automatically entered into the drawing.
  • Visit the Wellness Fair as often as you like.
  • A drawing is held for every 20 surveys received.
Questions about the virtual wellness fair or need help with this site, please email EUTF at [email protected]