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Getting your ducks in a row
Did you know you have life insurance coverage provided by your employer? The amount varies by age. REVIEW YOUR BENEFIT

Have you named a beneficiary for this benefit? Naming a beneficiary helps ensure the benefit is paid according to your wishes and without delay. GET A DESGINATION FORM

Want to know the basics of life insurance? WATCH A SHORT VIDEO
Do you have a plan for end-of-life care? If not, your doctor can help you. Your plan benefit includes a no cost consultation to discuss your advance care directive. LEARN MORE

Want more information about advance directives? Kokua Mau is a community resource providing answers to common questions and a checklist to help you get started. FIND RESOURCES

What to do when your doctor’s office is closed? Don’t get caught not knowing where your closest urgent care facility is located for non-emergency care. Be prepared. Take 2 minutes to locate 1 or 2 urgent care centers closest to your home and add them to your phone contacts. VIEW LIST

When you travel, health care is the last thing you want to worry about. Understand what services are covered at your destination just in case the unexpected happens. READ MORE
Kaiser Permanente
Why advance care planning is important. Watch the 2 minute video.

Life care planning resources including guidance and step-by-step instructions to complete an advance directive. DISCOVER RESOURCES

After hours non-emergency care. Don’t get caught trying to find phone numbers for care advice or non-emergency facilities when you’re stressed. Simply add the 24/7 advice line and urgent care center numbers to your phone contacts today. Be ready. GET CONTACT NUMBERS
During medical emergencies, families often must make difficult decisions. An advance care plan can make sure your voice is heard in the event you unexpectedly become too ill to speak for yourself. The best time to complete an advance care plan is when you don’t need it. You can create an advance care directive online at MyDirectives. LEARN MORE

Options for getting care. Where to go when you have a minor illness or injury and your doctor isn’t available. REVIEW CHOICES FOR CARE