EUTF Retiree Open Enrollment
October 15 – 29, 2021
Money Saving Tips
Generic vs Name Brand Prescription Drugs
There are a number of ways to save money on your prescription drug costs. One of the most effective ways is to ask your doctor if you can switch to a generic drug. Taking a name brand drug over a generic can end up costing you three or four times more. For example, if you are taking Livalo to lower cholesterol, ask your prescribing doctor if you can switch to Atorvastatin or another generic drug. Doing so could save you up to $400 annually per prescription. Additionally, these changes could potentially save the EUTF hundreds of thousands of dollars annually which would result in lower plan premiums.
Mail Order
Another great way to save money is by switching to mail order. In addition to saving money, mail order offers the added convenience of receiving your prescriptions at your doorstep, saving you time and money by not having to make regular trips to the pharmacy.
Ways to Sign-up for Mail Order
Create an online account by downloading the mobile app (CVS Caremark or Kaiser Permanente) or through their website ( or After your CVS account is created, select “Start Mail Service”, take a photo of your written prescription or prescription label, update your contact information, and tap on “Start Mail Service” to submit your order. After your Kaiser Permanente account is created, visit, choose the prescriptions that you would like filled via mail, and submit.
CVS/SilverScript members can call toll-free at 1-855-801-8263 and register for mail order over the phone. Kaiser members can register by calling (808) 643-7979 and speak with a live representative who will verify your mailing address, phone number and payment information.
CVS/SilverScript members can have their physician submit their prescription directly to mail order on their behalf. Just ask them. A CVS/SilverScript technician will then contact you to validate your delivery address. Kaiser members can request mail order at their local clinic pharmacy.
Pick the Right Facility
The Emergency Room (ER) should be reserved for serious emergency situations. If you have a non-emergency illness or injury, go to your regular doctor or an urgent care facility. Cost savings can be significant. For example, the total cost of a typical office visit is around $100, while an ER visit could cost $1000 or more. Other options for care include Kaiser’s or HMSA’s online or telephonic care and walk-in clinics, such as the CVS Minute Clinic.